October 3, 2016

2019 Speaker Submission

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 26th Anniversary of West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar, the largest seminar of its kind worldwide focusing on the prosecution, defense, coverage, science and technology as well as all other related aspects of construction defect claims and litigation.

With the fall season now upon us, it is that time of year when we begin the preparation for West Coast Casualty’s Construction Defect Seminar for 201(2019 WCCS CDS).

The theme of our 26th annual construction defect seminar will be “Building for the Future While Managing the Risk.” Our 2019 theme was selected by those who attend our events as a hot topic as building across the country continues to increase but solutions are still being sought to manage risks for these new buildings and continue to affect this community nationally. The goal of our theme is to take a look back at the struggles we’ve seen, those we have overcome, those we continue to see and potential solutions for the future for the building, legal and insurance communities.

But, like in past years, while we seek topics that focus on our central theme, we are always looking for hot topics of interest and topics on the emerging trends of this specialized area of claims and law so feel free to submit a topic that you believe is important to you, your industry and/or the construction defect community at large.

This year we believe we have made it much easier to submit topics for our selection process because you, our proposed speakers have choices;

While we always suggest that you review the entire speakers packet, our 2019 Speakers Information Packet contains some new items of interest which include;

  • “The Results are In . . . America’s CD Community Responds“ a response to our survey conducted in late September 2018 along with the construction defect community’s own list of suggested topics which number over a hundred.
  • Our expanded technology tools for our attendees to use throughout their seminar experience as well as when the seminar is a distant memory.

With this community’s input, we have identified over a 100 suggested topics to be included in the 2019 WCCS CDS proposed topics list but we still ask that you use these ONLY as a guide to your own imaginative ideas which are still the best ideas for our seminar. We use suggested topics as we feel that input from the entire community is vital to the education of this community and will also help stir proposed speakers into creating some of their own imaginative and creative ideas for this event.

. . . and while you’re at it . . .  take a look at our “Rising Stars” program, which continues into its third year, as we also attempt to identify and foster new talent into our community.

Remember . . . even if you are not a public speaker or don’t like to speak, . . . there’s still a part for you too . .  We also like to publish articles of interest in our seminar handout so even if you feel that speaking at our event is not for you, consider submitting of an article for publication that can be distributed to all of our attendees.

Sponsorship and Vendor Packets will be released on DECEMBER 1, 2018 which will include our new upgraded vendor floor plan to further enhance the seminar experience for all attendees of our 2019 event as well as new exciting sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in receiving a Sponsorship and Vendor Packet, please send a short e-mail to: davestern@westcoastcasualty.com

As always, should you have any questions or wish to discuss these or any other matters, please feel free to contact me at any time.

With best regards,


David Stern RPA

President and Corporate Secretary